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Product No.ACZ-B005
Product NameHydraulic block machine

1. PLC control, rugged  and durable, stable and reliable.

2, low-pressure hydraulic drivc technology, system security and stability.

3, remote control device: control barricades lift by way of a wireless remote.

L3000W1000H760mm,Rising Height:500mm

Moving cylinder Nominal Diameter:220mm

Moving cylinder height:600mm

Moving cylinder A304 steel thickness:5mm

Moving cylinder A3 steel finish:anti-rust paint

Rising speed:10cm/sec

Lowering speed:25cm/sec

Manual emergency lowering:yes

Connection line to control unit:standard 30M

Ingress protection:IP67

Operation frequency:60P/H

Impact resistance:150,000j

Breakout resistance:700,000j

Operating temperature:-40+70

Nominal weight:180Kg

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