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Product No.£ºRP-T-4
 color: red/orange or else visibility color make the road surface more beautiful, high visibility
and anti skid before road crossing.
 anti skid: adding carborundum and else special component make the coating protuberance,
guarantee the antiskid during speed down even in the rainy day.
 vibration: the anti skid coating thickness is around 5mm, when cars pass this coating strap, it
can mention the drivers to speed down.
 visibility and reflective: the pre mixed glass beads and the one dropping on make it reflective
and more visible in the night.
Theometical Amount
Project Sequence Material Name Amount
1. surface treatment
2.base coating base coat oil 0.15kg/m2
3.paint coating color anti skid paint 9.5kg/m2
4.spray glass beads coated glass beads 0.4kg/m2
Item Name Number
Density 1.9
Drying Time 10min's
BPN 72
Adhensive Capability 12
deformed resistance 95
Application temperature 180-210¡æ

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